Holy Oratorians

The Oratory has been blessed with a small but remarkable cadre of members who have been recognized for their heroic virtue with the titles of Saint, Blessed, or Venerable. Their stories are inspiring and in some cases amazing, and for some, their causes for canonization are still open and in need of support. We hope you enjoy reading about them!

Our Holy Father St. Philip Neri

St. Francis De Sales

St. Luigi Scrosoppi, C.O.

Blessed Giovanni Giovenale Ancina, C.O.

Blessed Antonio Grassi, C.O.

Venerable Salvio Huix Miralpeix, C.O.

Blessed Sebastian Valfre, C.O.

Blessed Joseph Vaz, C.O.

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, C.O.

Venerable Cesare Cardinal Baronius, C.O.

Venerable Francesco Maria Cardinal Tarugi, C.O.

Servant of God Antoni Gaudí